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Why I became a heartbreak coach

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From the age of Nineteen

I suffered one breakup after another.

Then at 35 the love of my life broke my heart and moved on with SOMEONE ELSE very quickly.

He was only man I ever wanted to marry and have kids with (at that time)

I was lost- but what I didn’t realise (through the haze of heartbreak) was that my life was about to begin!

Because of the breakup I stated a fabulous travelling life and manifested my dream life, living and working in Thailand.

I guess the moral of the story is this...

You never know why things happen until we look back & see the puzzle pieces of our life have fit together JUST perfectly.

Breakups are always for our highest good!

Of course we are unaware of this when it just happens!

DONT waste time needing and craving them back, don’t waste your precious energy & time.

Don’t waste your precious energy on some one who may not come back.

Do you want to let go of someone?

Do you want to attract a real soul mate?

A new life, business &soulmate!

I did and you can too!



...people often ask me why?? WELL after all the pain and suffering, I don't want to sit back and keep all this knowledge to myself...

I'm on a mission to help others just like you!

Here what other are saying

Some of my healed clients

"I can honestly say I am worthy and I am enough, I haven't' reached for the comfort food once"

I can't tell you how wonderful this experience with Emma has been...

... after going though a rough time and breaking up with my partner of 10 years, I found I had no control over my weight and I would comfort eat in any way possible. Which lead me to feel even more unworthy.

We started off discussing certain triggers about the relationship with my ex., then we had an RTT session over zoom, the RTT session brought so much out, much more of what was hidden deep inside me.

At the end of the session Emma provided me with a recording that I listen to morning and night, I have not reached for the comfort food and I am ready to move forward with my life- I honestly believe that the RTT session with Emma The Heartbreak Healer does just that! Thank you Emma

Amelia Carter

Birmingham, UK

"The session was amazing I love the language used in my recording"

I Met My soulmate after your event...

Hello Emma, I've been working on myself using your techniques. Also I wanted to say, that I did actually manifest my soulmate.. a few days after your event. It happened out of nowhere and every single thing matched on my list. I am trying not to focus on the future but feel the love now Thank you so much, for what you are doing for other people, I see you as a light"

Victoria Katherine

"I decided to invest money in self-development work because I wanted to feel good on the inside as well as on the outside! My friends tell me I’m glowing"

I've just completed Emma's 3 month course

After a devastating breakup with a narcissist, that nearly ruined my life, I never thought I’d recover! And now I can say I’m happy and looking forward to the future.

It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to take the course, but I wish I would’ve waited so long, because Emma’s work is fantastic, I had so many AHAH moments and she is a wonderfully compassionate human being.

Why do we spend so much money on looking good, when we don’t feel good inside, when the Inside is broken it’s just a waste of money.

I decided to invest my money in self-development work because I wanted to feel good on the inside as well as on the outside!

My friends tell me I’m glowing. Thanks to you Emma and your heartbreak healing!

Fiona Day

Long Island

"I feel much happier lighter and more confident RTT and Emma's work is a game changer"

I always want more confidence in relationships...

...family, friends and romantic, I wanted to stop losing myself & putting others first. I wanted higher self-esteem in order to make more money.

Since the session I've noticed I feel more empowered and InControl of my destiny. I value myself and practice self-love.

What was standing in the way before was limiting beliefs and putting everyone first, I used to think putting myself first was selfish.

With this attitude I descended into a deep depression.

Before the session I was scared of the known and sharing personal things about myself.

The session brought old memories to the surface and was emotional at times. Since the session I have higher self esteem and it has motivated me to start a new business and I'm feeling happy within myself & I feel no pressure to please everyone else. i feel much happier lighter and confident, RTT and Emma's work is a game changer

Mia Grey

London Uk

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