Heal Your Heart


It's over What do I Do Now?

Love Emma xx

In this podcast I offer great tips on how to heal your heart.

Also being friends with your ex & how the power of beliefs can make or break our relationship.

Change the way you think forever with a transformative belief changing technique!

“it's over What Do I Do Now??”

In this podcast I will offer you helpful tips on how to heal your heart.

I also touch on being friends with your ex & how the powers of our beliefs can make or break relationships!

Stay to the end where I will be offering you a transformative technique that will change the way you think for ever!!

“What Is A Trauma Bond?”

Are you in the grip of a trauma bond, find out here!

In this episode I present to you a way to tell if you are trauma bonded to you Ex/partner.

Would you like to know how to break free from the grip of a trauma bond?

“Wow the Experience of RTT with Emma was mind blowing!.”


Do You Think You Are Too Strong For Men?

Do you water your personality down & put your ex/partners needs first in order to feel loved?

My lovely client above used to.

Some parts of Romania can be quiet matriarchal, where it is quite common for a woman to intimidate men at home and in relationships.

Often they manipulate men into thinking they are beneath women so they can feel better about themselves. Eeek

This drives a massive wedge between men and women

often making the guy feel

WELL massively insecure and intimidated to say the least

Does this sound familiar - maybe if you switch the gender?

My client had so much empathy for men growing up, as she witnessed so many women mentally abusing men.

She watered & dumbed down her personality, ONLY with men and didn’t know why!

When we examined the subconscious mind, we made an amazing discovery.

she only did this, because she didn’t want to be perceived as a Ball Breaker

so for years she wasn't being herself in relationships.


But she now believes she can be her true authentic self, someone who can be a strong & confident without intimidating men.

This has been life changing for her!!

This was achieved by understanding, letting go of limiting beliefs & old programs passed down through the years…

Now she is FREE to be herself and to attract the right guy.

A man who will appreciate a emotionally strong woman that would never manipulate them.

Amen to that!


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